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Steaming Hot NFL Picks Week 6

Well, hello there. Before we get started on this week’s winners I just want to say one thing:


Alright, now that I got that off my chest we can begin. After my perfectly, flawlessly, undefeated week, I’m going to follow it up with another.

I’m not being cocky, I’m confident.

Did you see the picks I gave you last week?

For free, mind you.

I’m the only guy that had that specific combination of picks for you on the entire internet.

Trust me, I checked.

Here at BMF SPORTS we strive to do our best at everything we do. From live sports reporting and analysis, to the latest gear and sneaker reviews, and we even want to help you make money with our extensive football knowledge.

You can tell that by my 10-5 record at this point of the season that we care for our readers!

Now let’s take that wad of cash we have made you and get back to the betting window because: “ALL I DO IS WIN, WIN, WIN NO MATTER WHAT!”.

Straight bet of the week: New England Patriots -9 @ Indianapolis Colts

This is the team that started it all for New England. The whole “deflategate” fiasco was born due to Indianapolis. That’s exactly where the Patriots plan to kill and bury it. Dig it up and kill it again. I mean it’s only right, this whole thing coming full circle. If Tom Brady‘s suspension was upheld, this would be that game in which he would have returned. Instead it will be the game where New England has the highest score of the season. The place where the Pats will get their revenge. On the field at Lucas Oil Stadium…

But if revenge isn’t enough to make you put your money where my mouth is, I got something else for you. The previous two games against the Colts, the Patriots rushed for 338 yards and five touchdowns. The Colts are steadfast in playing the same defense as in those two games, the same one that allowed Jonas Gray to rush for over 200 yards.

Gray isn’t even employed in the NFL any more!

Now, LeGarrette Blount and Dion Lewis will be the thunder and lighting in the storm of points that will be the Patriots offense. Smashing and dashing their way to a blowout win.

O/U of the week:
Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers
Over 43 1/2

If there hasn’t been a perfect over game yet, it is this game, this week. At this point, I think we all know how horrendous the pass defense of the Ravens is. Even if the game did go to overtime, Josh McCown, still hung 400 yards and 40 points on them. Try to forget about the Baltimore Ravens of old. They were a team that would punch their opponents in the mouth and win games 7-3. Not the 2015 Ravens. Now they can score and that’s about it. The question when wanting to bet the Ravens now becomes, can they outscore the other team? Get used to it. No more Ray Lewis, no more Ed ReedHaloti Ngata has moved on and Terrell Suggs is out for the year, barring any new medical advances with deer antlers.

Oh, and it’s the San Francisco 49ers. They have a high school quarterback starting for them who will run for 100 yards and throw two touchdowns, but throw four interceptions.

Perfect “over” quarterback.

Three team tease of the week:
Denver Broncos -4 @ Cleveland Browns
Miami Dolphins +1 @ Tennessee Titans
Green Bay Packers -10 1/2 vs San Diego Chargers

Broncos +3

John Elway is hip on how to build a team that can contend for championship. It took three years since the acquisition of Peyton Manning to create a championship caliber defense from the ground up. Through the draft and free agency, Denver has fashioned itself the No. 1 overall defense to this point in the season, featuring the fewest yards and points allowed, as well as procuring the most sacks. The latter being hardly a surprise to anyone, with a healthy DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller.

And for all you Peyton Manning haters out there, his questionable arm strength won’t matter with Joe Hayden and starting safety, Tashaun Gipson, are both out indefinitely. Even with them active the Browns are still 27th against the pass this season. Peyton may look like he stepped in a time machine on Sunday.

Plus, your getting points!

Dolphins +10

Joe Philbin is such a horrible head coach that the Miami Dolphins did to him what the Oakland Raiders did to Dennis Allen last year. They left his ass in England. If you share anything in common with Dennis Allen that makes you a bad coach. With that roster stuffed to the gills with money and talent, a 1-3 start it absolutely required a change. That change came in the act of firing Philbin after that ugly loss to the Jets across the pond and the promotion of former tight end coach, Dan Campbell, to the vacant skipper position.

With a half way competent coach at the reigns of the Dolphins, I’m sure enough of the talent of this roster could be in the right position to make plays and win some games. Which is all I need to hear to take a team getting 10 points over Tennessee. All day.

Packers -1 1/2

This one is simple. The Chargers have literally stopped no one. Their one win this season came from a late game field goal in which they won 34 to 31. That’s how all their games have gone this season and will continue to.

Now I ask you: Has any defense come close to stopig Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers offense so far this season? Do you think the Chargers will be the first team to do it – in Lambeau? Simple answer?

I highly doubt it. Enough to bet your money on it.

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