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Steaming Hot NFL Picks Week 7

Image courtesy of the NFL.

Image courtesy of the NFL.

Betters like trends. Trends have a silly way of repeating themselves, that’s why they are trends, otherwise they would be a one time thing, right? Trends allow you to predict the future in a way. If a team has a bad record at home against the spread, most of you geniuses wouldn’t bet it. Money not spent on a bet is money won on a bet and in that case the trend helped you. So after six weeks (18 bets) of this article with my record at 12-6 it’s becoming safe to say that the trend for me is I will win you two out of three bets a week. With the chance of an undefeated week, every week. Basically if you’re here with me, you’re a winner.

Straight bet of the week
Atlanta Falcons -4 @ Tennessee Titans

I was so awestruck by this line in the Boston Herald that I had to check it with three Vegas websites, but it’s true. The most I saw the perfectly healthy, top three offense, 5-1 Falcons giving up was 4 1/2, to the Mariota-less, 1-4 Tennessee Titans. Are you kidding me?! The Birds just lost to their division rival, the New Orleans Saints, who were in a must win situation. Not to mention Julio Jones is off the injury report for the first time since week one, when he posted a nine catch, 142 yard, two score game. Get real, Vegas

Plus the Titans will have turnover happy gunslinger, Zach Mettenberger throwing the rock Sunday. Trying to cover Jones will give them fits as they boast the 27th best pass defense in the league. This line is atrocious, so let’s you and I take advantage of Vegas and the bookies for making a rare mistake on their end. Money in the bank.

O/U of the week
Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars @ Wimbledon Stadium, London, England
Over 41

Is there anything better than steak and eggs with your football? It’s like Christmas in July, snow in April or french toast for dinner. Doesn’t happen often but when it does, it puts a little smile on your face. NFL teams have proved they handle the traveling well and some teams, like the Bills even go there following their game the week before to become adjusted to the time change. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t matter to me on this one. All that matters to me is that no team the Jaguars have played yet has been able to hold that passing attack under 17 points. They may not be winning games, but they are certainly scoring. While they are scoring at a solid rate, they aren’t stopping their opponents from doing it and that makes for wonderful over bets.

As for the Bills, they have a banged up corps of safteys and their front seven is really all they have to scare teams with. Do not be scared of Bills QB Tyrod Taylor being ruled out of the game, last week against a stout defense in Cincinnati, backup QB, EJ Manuel managed to score 21 points. It won’t be nearly as hard across the pond to score on the Jags. Over – all day, or should I say, all morning.

Three team tease of the week
Atlanta Falcons -4 @ Tennessee Titans
Miami Dolphins -4 1/2 vs Houston Texans
San Diego Chargers -4 vs Oakland Raiders

Falcons +5
Everything I already told you applies here. Healthy Julio. Unhealthy Mariota. A real 5-1 team and a real 1-5 team. Make no mistake Las Vegas and the bookies screwed the pooch on this one. Let’s get it.

Dolphins +5 1/2
I told you to take them last week and I will again this week. New head coach Dan Campbell is running a far more efficient offense than anything Joe Philbin could have done in a Madden game, let alone the NFL. Because of that Tannehill is tossing touchdowns, interceptions too but they have a solid D too help combat that.They are also making it a point to get the ball into play maker Jarvis Landry‘s hands, who makes it a point to get into the end zone when he has the ball. The Texans let a substantial amount of points and Brian Hoyer is exactly that, Brian Hoyer. The fish will roll and you will enjoy watching it. CHA-CHING.

Chargers +5
The Bolts have been dealt a tough hand this year. They have lost a lot of close game losses and they have had a really rough schedule. This week they are playing host to a divisional opponent in the Oakland Raiders, who themselves are coming off of a bye. Last week the Chargers brought the game against the undefeated Green Bay Packers down to the last play and don’t look now but the Chargers have the seventh best defense against the pass this year and the Raiders love to air it out. Who can blame them with young Amari Cooper headlining the offense? Should be a smash mouth game with the Chargers winning by a touchdown at home to close out your winning week.

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