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Steaming Hot NFL Picks Week 15

Image courtesy of WEBN-TV/Flickr.

Image courtesy of WEBN-TV/Flickr.

Every day I pick my daughter up from kindergarten around four o’clock. That seems to be the prime time to pick kids up because the parking lot is packed. Each day there is one specific van that takes up two spots and it has increasingly bothered me each time it happened. Well, earlier last week I had finally had enough and I wanted to say something to whoever was the driver of that van. My wife, who is of course the more level-headed out of the two of us, begged me to just bring it to the attention of my daughter’s school. So I did.
The answer was unbelievable.

I told them how it is the same van everyday in the same two spots and it really jams up the parking as parents are in and out frequently at that time. Their answer to me was the company that painted the lines in the parking lot had done it incorrectly. Which obviously makes no sense because there is plenty of room for two cars where that van parks.

Little did the people I was speaking too know, my best friend on the planet owns a line painting company. Without arguing with anyone I accepted their bogus answer and called my buddy. He was down there in a half hour taking measurements for me to see if anything was off in the parking lot. Come to find out it was done entirely correct. So now I was mad.

The following day I went into the office and expressed my anger of being lied too. Somewhere in the middle of rant one of the teachers stopped me and fessed up. She said “Mr. DiNella, I’m sorry one of us told you such a story. That car belongs to a teacher’s sister.”

Although that response made me even more mad, I began to laugh. I was laughing because I was thinking to myself; “The lines are never wrong.”

I apologized for being upset and carried on but I could not help but laugh.

The lines are never wrong.

How true is that?

We may like a certain betting line or hate it, but it is usually spot on. Almost as if the line makers know something messed up will happen in a game. If they set the line at three, the game usually ends with a late field goal. If the line is set at 10, the game usually comes down to a touchdown. No matter what, the lines are never wrong.

Remember that moving forward with these final three weeks of regular season betting. When you can still get away with taking a great team over a horrible team even with a 14 point spread. Once the playoffs come, all that fun is over and it is all decent teams with three point spreads. Why? Because the lines are never wrong!

Big shout out to my kids school for teaching me a major lesson on betting.

Back to my wining ways last week, going 2-1 puts me at 23-20 on the season. Let’s keep the wins going and have an even Merrier Christmas!

Straight Bet of the week
New England Patriots – 14 vs Tennessee Titans

The lines are never wrong! The bookies are expecting a blowout and I am too. The Titans have a horrific record at 3-10 and the Patriots are beginning to get healthy again. Last week the Pats held the Houston Texans to a season low six points. Even scarier for the first time in DeAndre Hopkins three year he didn’t have a single catch. Proving the Patriots love to take away a quarterbacks first choice. As good as Marcus Mariota has been on the road this year, throwing 10 touchdowns to only one interception, the Patriots front seven will smother him. You’re giving a lot of points but the Pats are playing for home field in the playoffs. You know what to do.

Over/Under of the week
Seattle Seahawks vs Cleveland Browns
Over 43

There is a possibility that Seattle will hang up 43 points of their own. Even with Joe Haden active the Browns have one of the bottom three defense’s in the NFL and Hayden isn’t playing this week. Unfortunately, Jimmy Graham being out might be the best thing that has ever happened to the Seahawks offense. Since that game Russell Wilson has tossed 11 touchdowns without throwing one interception. Johnny Manziel might make something happen with his mobility, but I’m betting Seattle will get most of this over on thier own.

Three team tease of the week
Kansas City Chiefs -7 @ Baltimore Ravens
New England Patriots -14 vs Tennessee Titans
San Francisco 49ers +5 vs Cincinnati Bengals

Chiefs +2
The Chiefs are 8-5, they started the year 1-5. In case you can’t do math that means they have ripped off seven straight wins. They are playing the Baltimore Ravens who will be starting Matt Schaub at quarterback or will it be Jimmy Clausen? Either way, a joke will be starting for the punchline that is the Baltimore Ravens.

Patriots -5
Did you see everything I wrote up top? Number one seed in the AFC vs 3-10 team? If I like that Pats giving up 14 how can I not take them in a tease only giving five? The lines are never wrong! Put the Pats in every bet you make Sunday!

49ers +14
The 49ers have a very good defense and the numbers show they are even better at home. Cincinnati has been playing good football until Andy Dalton went down with a broken thumb, enter A.J. McCarron. First start of his NFL career is going to come against one of the best home defense’s in the league. Plus you’re getting 14 in what should be a close game. It’s a present, just in time for the holidays!

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