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Post Game Quotes and Highlights: 76ers vs. Cavaliers

Image courtesy of the Philadelphia 76ers/Facebook.

Image courtesy of the Philadelphia 76ers/Facebook.

A collection of post-game comments from the Philadelphia 76ers following their loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

On overall performance
“They [Cavs] are championship material. You weigh yourself up against the best, and I think we came out of it quite well. I was proud, for the most part, with our effort tonight.”

On team’s defensive effort
“It’s a two-point game when [LeBron] checks in and they go on a 14-0 run. I think when I look at the stat sheet, and I see that team have 95 points, and you look at the percentages of their backcourt players. Let’s take out LeBron for a second. And you see 39.0 percent from the field. You see 28 from the three-line. I thought the three-line was going to be important tonight. I think we did a good job defensively. LeBron goes 15-22 at 37 points. You’re not going to get many wins when he does something like that.”

On Robert Covington
“We haven’t seen him [Covington] for a while. And nobody knows it more than Robert. I thought tonight he had glimpses of his old self. We need him. He’s a valued versatile player. We’re going to have to get him going again.”

On Cavs’ bench
“You look at those guys that are on their bench. I mean, Mo Williams scored 52 in a game last year. Their bench is deep. I think they’re built for championship play; they’re mobile; they shoot three’s. They have a few players that can do unbelievable things with the ball to create attention. They’re very balanced. I’m pleased not to see them anymore [this season].”

On Tristan Thompson
“If I were to point at one area that is most disturbing is their offensive rebounds. When you look at Tristan Thompson and you see what people valued him at during the start of the year. And you think, ‘What does he do?’ He rebounds. He does some other things, but at the end of the day, for that team, he rebounds, really rebounds. And we had a hard time keeping him off the boards. He ended up with seven offensive rebounds.”

On team’s home stretch performance
“That’s a heck of a team [Cavs]. Minnesota has been playing really good basketball. Obviously, tonight Cleveland, then Atlanta, and we also played Toronto, so we’re really getting tested. I think we kind of woke up after the Atlanta game and we’ve been swinging back and throwing some punches.”

On LeBron James
“He’s a heck of a player. He hit some tough shots. When he’s making shots like that, what are you going to do? You just have to shake his hand. I thought our defensive scheme was good, I thought that JG [Jerami Grant] did a good job, but he’s not a champion and one of the all-time top 20, top 10 players to ever play the game for a reason. He works on his game like all of us and when he’s making shots, good luck [laughs].”

On team losing focus during stretches
“I take full responsibility for it. They’re [Cavs] a good team though. When stuff gets out of hand, they’ve been there before, they know what big plays to make, they know when to turn it up and they do it.”

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