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St. Louis Left out in the Cold by NFL Relocation Plans

Image courtesy of Erik Daniel Drost/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Erik Daniel Drost/Flickr.

Seeing how the NFL has manipulated its own relocation guidelines to this point, anything is possible.

This isn’t a shot at Oakland, but the city did pretty much nothing to keep its team. Even less than San Diego did to keep the Chargers. Perhaps that was the smartest approach all along. Goodell turned his nose up at St. Louis just the same.

We should have answers soon. Until then, thank Kroenke. He was the first driver on the track for this race to Los Angeles. Jones has been his smug co-pilot from the start.

Maybe Jones’ Rams-Chargers proposal is a sign of desperation, proof that the Chargers and Raiders are close to acquiring the votes they need to claim Carson. Monday’s report by The Times suggests otherwise.

If Jones gets his wish, and the NFL makes things right for the Raiders in Oakland, the joy in the Black Hole will feel like another black eye around here.

“We’ve done nothing for 20 years,” Jones recently told the Orange County Register. “So we’ve got an opportunity here. We’ve got great, great potential people that will expand the NFL and expand a great market. I don’t want to miss that train.”

The train runs on greed, and there is a chance the NFL swoops in to save Oakland while St. Louis gets flattened in the tracks.
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