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Pulse of the Pacers: Is it Time to Panic in Indiana?

Image courtesy of Erik Drost/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Erik Drost/Flickr.

The Indiana Pacers have struggled of recently. It has been bad. They’ve been on the road and given up huge leads and been blown out at home. However, it is no cause for alarm. The Pacers are in a rut, and the last thing the organization needs is some sort of “win-now” panicky trade. The Pacers are in need of a power forward, and a ton of different lineup combinations have proven to be of no help. But the last thing the Pacers need is a trade that mortgages their future for years to come. In my opinion, there are four completely untouchable players on the roster. Glenn Robinson III, Joseph Young, Myles Turner, and of course, Paul George. Those four players are the future of the Indiana Pacers.

Indiana isn’t in a bad place right now. They’re sitting pretty at sixth in the East, despite all of the recent losing. Not only are they sixth in the East, it’s a log-jam right around that position with four teams tied for the sixth seed. If the Pacers win Tuesday, and two teams lose, the Pacers are the sixth seed outright. If the Pacers regain their early season dominance, they could still be a two or three seed by the time the playoffs roll around.

The rookies for the Pacers have been fantastic this season. Myles Turner fractured his thumb in November and was forced to miss six weeks, but since his return his minutes and numbers have trended upward, including a 31-point outburst against the Golden State Warriors. Turner has been a whirlwind of shot-blocking, 20 foot jumpers, and low post hook shots. Joe Young has shown a complete game with increased playing time provided by Rodney Stuckey’s injury and the birth of George hill’s son. He’s taken advantage, and the Pacers are reaping the rewards. He’s shooting better, looking comfortable in the offense, and has been much more aggressive.

While the rookies are thriving, veterans C.J. Miles Chase Budinger, and Solomon Hill have all struggled at times to find their role with the team.

Yes, the Pacers have a lineup problem.

The Pacers need to shake things up. It could be a minor minute adjustment, or it could be a major starting change. However, the last thing the Indiana Pacers need to do is make a panicked win-now move. They have a ton of future talent on the roster, it would be a shame to see it wasted in the chase for a better seeding now, instead of championship aspirations for the future.

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