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Look Closer presents… Joseph’s Toiletries Swiss Glacier Collection

Look Closer is all about giving you the opportunity to see the best footwear, sportswear, and product in the performance, fashion, and lifestyle categories in up-close and personal, high-quality portraiture served with a side of expert commentary. Inspired and provided by Managing Partner Sandy Dover.

Lifestyle encompasses a lot of different things, everything really; and when it comes to what matters to athletes and entertainers, comfort is a vital aspect of living, largely because being in the limelight affords one the awareness of what is available to make life a little easier. We’re talking amenities here, and Joseph’s Toiletries Swiss Glacier Collection is a one such amenity.

A premium toiletry set featuring artisan toilet tissue cotton pads, cleansing spray, and a body-friendly moisturizer, Joseph’s is about making your water closet experience a little less uncomfortable.

(Can I share something with you? I, Sandy Dover, have tried the set. It’s nice. It’s not the sort of thing you take with you to the office, but having something to make the process of eliminating excrement from your bowels a bit less injurious to your anus is helpful.)

With all of that said, we invite you to look closer.

Photography by Sandy Dover.

Special thanks to Joseph’s Toiletries.

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