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The Flash Season 3 Review: 3.22: Infantino Street

Obviously, if Iris West is actually dead than this week’s episode of The Flash season 3 can go to hell. But, since I’m assuming that’s not the case, this was a very solid episode. Barry Allen teaming up with Leonard Snart to steal something guarded by King Shark is a perfect plotline. I’ve never found Barry and Leonard’s dynamic as strong as some fans seem to. But, their rapport definitely worked in the context of a fun heist. It’s always nice to see this show actually embrace its silliness.

Barry running back to the 1800s to consult with a thief was the kind of ridiculous turn that reminded me of my beloved DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It worked well within this tight, well-plotted episode.

They were able to deliver this fun concept without undercutting the emotional stakes. Iris and Joe West’s scene together as they both worried about Iris’ fate was one of the strongest scenes in The Flash season 3. The subplot about Cisco Ramon facing off with Caitlin Snow worked perfectly on both an action and emotional level.

The one thing dragging this episode down was HR Wells. He’s been a serviceable comic relief character, but he never quite works when we’re expected to care about him. His relationship with Tracy Brand feels completely tacked on. The scene where, in the middle of all the genuine concern about Iris, he needed reassurance that he’s useful was downright painful.

Not to be harsh, but if the theory that HR switched places with Iris and was the one who was killed is true, it would be a relief. And it definitely seems like the most likely conclusion to this story. It’s only reasonable excuse for tacking on so many half-hearted, unearned reasons to care more about HR in one episode.

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