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iZombie Season 3 Review: 3.7: Dirt Nap Time

This week’s episode of iZombie season 3 felt a little off. For one thing, the brain-of-the-week was a school teacher who was a huge womanizer, but Liv Moore only picked up the school teacher trait. That’s just depriving the audience of joy.

Liv also started a romance with Justin. They have great chemistry. I’m always amazed how much this show kills it will Liv love interests. But, it was strange that this wasn’t more of a conversation between Liv and Major Lilywhite. She starts off the episode determined to get the cure back from whoever stole it, but dating a zombie instead of Major suggests that she’s accepted remaining a zombie. It felt like they were brushing off the larger connotations of her agreeing to the date.

Watching Liv starting to go full-zombie and ready to beat up Blaine DeBeers in an alley for answers was great. But, she seemed to lose momentum quickly. Perhaps this was just because, as Ravi Chakrabarti put it, schoolteacher brains are not the most badass. But, it felt like the show putting aside a thread that realistically would remain a top priority for Liv.

Meanwhile, Major is trying to hide the fact that he’s a zombie. This seems like a terrible idea, since he’s currently part of an army where the assumption is that only a shot in the head can kill him.

In another plotline, Peyton Charles has been re-examining the dominatrix case. This plot hasn’t fully kicked into gear yet, but I’m all for Peyton doing anything where she’s actually active.

I’m also bummed we’re still supposed to care about Blaine enough for him to get scenes by himself. That dude straight up sucks. I don’t care that David Anders is somewhat charismatic. The character has overstayed his welcome and doesn’t work as anything other than an antagonist.

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