Gotham Season 4 Review: 4.4: A Dark Knight: The Demon’s Head

On this week’s Gotham season 4, Ed Nygma sought revenge on Oswald Cobblepot by carefully crafting raps for him. That should end any debate on whether Gotham is one of the best shows on TV.

After sending him terrible raps, Ed finally confronted Oswald face-to-face. Despite the fact that Ed has a gun held up to him, Oswald keeps his cool and simply tells Ed how much his riddles suck now. Oswald ultimately decided that letting Ed live his life with brain damage would be more painful for him than freezing him again. The excellent scene balanced tension, emotion and comedy in a way that has become Gotham‘s signature. Scenes like this are why the show is a must watch.

As the title implies, this episode was largely about Ra’s al Ghul. He became a true Gotham villain by having his first tense, loaded conversation with Jim Gordon. It was perfect. In his pursuit of Ra’s, Bruce Wayne made sloppy mistakes and faced tough decisions. It all resulted in the death of a boy about his age. I love watching this version of Bruce Wayne, who’s stumbling but trying his best. I also really enjoyed that rather than being angry at Bruce, Jim was there to reassure him that Ra’s al Ghul’s actions were not his fault.

Sofia Falcone was also a big scene-stealer this episode. She faced off against the Penguin and let him think he’d won, before hinting to Jim that she has much bigger plans. Sofia is absolutely hitting it out of the park as a character and Crystal Reed is doing a stunning job portraying her. The one thing I’m not sold on is Sofia’s relationship with Jim. Every time they get physical it feels sudden. This show is normally great with sexual tension, but it feels forced with these two.

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