The Flash Season 4 Review: 4.2: Mixed Signals

This week’s episode of The Flash opened with a fantastic dancing and cooking sequence. It set the mood for a delightful episode. The villain-of-the-week was a man who went by Kilgore. He had the power to control tech. This made for much more interesting set pieces than we get in most episodes of The Flash. The scene when he turned someone’s insulin pump against her was genuinely terrifying. Kilgore pleasantly reminded me of the kind of cheesy, fun villains you’d get on old The WB shows.

Kilgore was on a mission to get revenge on the people who stole his start up idea. This caused Cisco Ramon to reference my personal favorite show Silicon Valley in delightfully specific detail. The logic of the plot was slightly confusing: Cisco identified the team based on a photo in a tech magazine that included Kilgore. Yet, he said the team stole the idea and executed it without him. This made me wonder why he was in the photo. But, I enjoyed the plot enough that the logic didn’t distract me too much.

The episode also took a hard look at Barry Allen and Iris West’s relationship. One beat in this plot stuck out to me as odd: Iris expressed anger at Barry for leaving her when he went into the Speed Force. This seemed like a bizarre reaction to someone going through infinite torture. I wish her frustration had been more based aorund Barry brushing off how much trauma they’d gone through. When she talked about how difficult it was for her being without him, I kept expecting someone to acknowledge the literal hell that he went through. But, other than that one strange note, this was a nice plot that reminded me what a great couple Barry and Iris are.

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