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Spalding x Just Don remasters the basketball in ’94 Series’

Spalding x Just Don for the Spalding 94 Series

Basketball — both the sport and the round ball itself — is a tactile experience. Touch and feel is elemental for the game to exist for those who actively participate. There’s a lot of feelings with it.

We all grow up, those of us who play the game, with the aspirations that start early to play the game with the best ball. You, like I, may have started out more consistently with something that was made for all-conditions. That’s what you needed to thrive anytime the game might call you. Composite leather or rubber, something that was harder at first, but softened up as you played. Something that could allow you to be indoor or outside with no real loss of quality. That’s what you went for most times, because indoor games may not always be the primary setting. But, it’s that premium indoor experience on the glossy hardwood with a catcher’s mitt-soft, slightly-brownish, full-grain leather basketball…that’s what really gave you the feel of being close to the game in a way that you could really only imagine otherwise. It put you in the same arena, in some degree, as the superstars you watched and dreamt of playing, becoming, emulating.

Spalding is that ball. It’s been that ball for multiple generations of people who have hoops tied in with their lives. It’s the legacy equipment for the best of the best, and shooting the rock with Spalding meant you were likely in a special place or you treated yourself to something special to make your game experience that much more worthwhile. For more than 30 years, Spalding is excellence and the peak of quality.

Don C. of Just Don

With great respect to the game of basketball and the culture that is encompassed by it, Spalding has created the 94 Series to embark on its own journey to tell its story of its own family tree. To launch the 94 Series, Chicago’s own native son, designer Don C. and his luxury streetwear brand, Just Don, have completed their first round collection of the series. Through 250 limited-edition Spalding x Just Don basketballs, the collaboration is meant to reconnect fans of the game and the game ball to the roundball’s most premium features, with the addition of Horween leather and Just Don textile styling that accent the historical equipment with 21st-century style modernity.

The Spalding x Just Don 94 Series basketball is exclusively available at and for a retail price of $225.

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