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Supergirl Season 4: 4.10: Suspicious Minds

This week on Supergirl season 4, Alex Danvers wondered if she should stay in a government organization that does torture. If you’ve been watching this season, the resolution won’t surprise you.

Even putting politics aside, I’m sick of the DEO. Supergirl has a protagonist who flies and shoots lasers out of her eyes. So, it’s ridiculous how often they put out episodes where the bulk of the action is shootouts involving nameless agents. I thought Kara Danvers leaving the DEO would invigorate the show. But, in the midseason premiere they made the bizarre choice to focus more on the DEO.

In this episode, Colonel Lauren Haley told Alex that torturing aliens is something the DEO has to do. Then, after wrestling with it for a bit, Alex decided she needed to stay and supposedly change the organization from within. And Kara encouraged this cringeworthy decision. Every week I become more and more convinced that Raytheon runs this show.

Meanwhile, Lena Luthor was honest with James Olsen about the experiments she’s been doing. He weirdly thought it was impossible to use science to give humans greater strength or speed. First off, this shouldn’t seem like a stretch with everything he’s seen. Second off, that already exists just in the regular world. Anyway, James was on board with Lena’s plan. In fairness, she didn’t actually mention that her line of thinking was that if only bigots had powers then they wouldn’t be bigoted.

The only decent parts of the episode were Brainiac 5’s banter with Nia Nal. Sadly, they’re not just going on adorable dates yet. But, he did ask her to work with Supergirl, while fumbling and clearly getting distracted by how beautiful she is. I’ll take it. Supergirl absolutely needs to deliver on a sweet romance with them to help me get through this season.

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