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Supergirl Season 4 Review: 4.17: All About Eve

Supergirl season 4 has lost track of things. Martian Manhunter killing Manchester Black confused and already questionable message about never resorting to violence.

The introduction of Lex Luthor a couple weeks ago reinvigorated the show in a lot of ways. But, with the manhunt for Lex in the background this episode, the usual problems with the main cast shined through.

This episode leaned heavily into Lena Luthor. This week Lena’s family drama mostly felt stale. Her back-and-forth with her mother felt like a retread of all their previous conversations.

Similarly, when they tried to play up how tense her relationship with Kara Danvers was, it didn’t add anything. They’ve had so many fights like this before. There could’ve been a compelling new angle with Lena’s superpower serum, but the dialogue lacked any real kick. They didn’t explore the specifics of this disagreement enough for it to stand out.

With Lex out there, Kara Danvers reached out to the DEO to resolve their issues and team up. This felt like a cop out of the DEO storyline. The show set up a level of corruption and evil in the DEO that it doesn’t feel prepared to deal with.

Thanks to Lex Eve Teschmacher, the Russian Supergirl doppelgänger was shown to be a killer and declared enemy #1 by President Baker. Ironically, Supergirl actually taking extreme action to protest the repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act would be a way cooler plotline than her being set up.

In the end, Lena and Alex Danvers both affirmed that they know Kara wouldn’t do this and they’re on her side. Supergirl is at its best when it plays up that everyone is friends and doesn’t try to divide them up, so this is a promising status quo going into the rest of hte season.

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