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Supergirl Season 4 Review: 4.14: Stand and Deliver

What is there to say about a Supergirl episode where she works to stop an anti-fascist group while protecting a Nazi? They’ve completely lost me.

This episode at least opened with Menagerie setting out to attack a random innocent bystander before the Legion swooped in to arrest her. They held her captive in Nia Nal’s home for some reason. Eventually, they turned her over to the DEO, amid her protests that they can’t do this. So, for an organization dedicated to justice, they seem to be skipping steps in the judicial process.

Later, aliens marched for their rights. Kara Danvers wanted to patrol the march to keep itself. Instead Brainiac tried to convince her that Supergirl should join the march and be a symbol.

At the march, a man named Quentin was a skeptical who expressed his dislike of aliens. Kara explained that they’re just people escaping violence and destruction like she was. Then, she joined the march as Kara Zor-El. I don’t really understand the point of this arc. Her marching doesn’t seem substantially different from her being at the march to patrol and keep people safe.

Violence erupted. The song “Mad World” played over the whole thing. Admits the chaos, Quentin helped an alien rise to her feet and then turned to Kara and said, “Thanks, Supergirl.” The message was that good people can just change the minds of bigots, so no one has to leap to drastic measures like fighting back.

It’s not just that the good guys of Supergirl aren’t fighting back. In this episode, Kara saved Ben Lockwood’s life. Then, the DEO offered him prospective custody and Alex Danvers was put in charge of protecting him. When Alex said that she wasn’t sure what to do, Kara told her that she’s just doing her job. This show manages to top itself in terrible messaging every week.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger in which James Olsen got shot. I don’t think they’d really kill him off, but I also wouldn’t put anything past this show.

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