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Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Review: 9.16: Roamin’ Bob-iday

Bob Belcher was first to take a day off on this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers season 9. It was a better-than-average episode that featured two musical numbers.

The episode opened with a few scenes establishing that Bob was experiencing severe burn out. These parts were extremely funny and showed what a comedic force Bob can be when he’s not playing the straight man. The family locked him out and forced him to take a day off.

Bob hated the idea of a day off so much that he tracked down Mr. Fischoeder in hopes of getting a spare key. Instead, Mr. Fischoeder tried to convince him of the beauty of doing nothing with the first musical number of the episode. This phenomenal sequence was a highlight of the episode and this season overall.

Bob found a restaurant called Patricia’s 77 Sandwiches. The place was experiencing a busy lunch rush and Bob offered to help out. The restaurant owner Patricia was voiced by Tiffany Haddish, who was great in the role.

After the lunch rush, Patricia was ready to leave work and go on a date with a nice guy. But, Bob convinced her to stay and fill a catering order instead. When the guy told Patricia he wouldn’t pursue her anymore, she told Bob that she’d blown him off several times in the past because she was working. Finally, Bob saw the error in his workaholic ways and he sang a nice reprise about how work makes him happy, but his loved ones are still the best thing in his life.

In the subplot, a second biker gave birth in the restaurant. This plot just didn’t feel unique. Aside from the fact that it was literally a re-tread of a previous Bob’s Burgers plot, it wasn’t character-driven enough. The Belchers were witnessing this event rather than moving it forward. But, the main plot still made this a good episode.

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