Baller State Of Mind – Episode 0/Pilot: NBA Free Agency

Welcome to our Pilot episode… strike that… our first episode of Basketball State of Mind. Things are still raw with the show as DV and Zeek navigate their way to video production and post-production heaven, so you’ll see things change soon enough (such as our set), but even more important, we’re in the process of getting better for all of you fine folks to keep you entertained!

DV, the round mound of… well, just the round mound… gives his “old school” point of view on everything NBA, while Zeek AKA Z The Gawd, hits us with his “young buck” commentary.

In this premiere episode, we take a look at the more notable NBA free agents and where they may end up. We have a contest to see who gets the most right, and the loser will suffer some sort of consequence. If you have an idea for a consequence, hit us below in the comments or e-mail us at BasketballStateOfMind AT Gmail DOT com. Also, follow us on Instagram – @basketballstateofmind.

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