‘The Missing’ Review: ‘Pray for Me’ Unravels Web


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In The Missing‘s second episode, suspense picks up after Tony’s discovery of a drawing created by Oliver. This clue was discovered towards the end of the premiere. From there, Tony and Julien attempt to convince Laurence Relaud, who is played rather flatly by Emilie Dequenne, that the drawing is substantial enough evidence to reopen the case. After initially being denied, Julien’s persistence leads to an approval as Oliver’s files are approved to be reexamined.

Throughout the legwork performed by the possessed father and retired detective, known characters unveil suspicious behavior. New characters do the same. Mark, Emily’s lover and former specialist on Oliver’s case, repeatedly buries Tony’s attempted calls to Emily. This implies Mark’s desire to keep something hidden. Or perhaps a wish to prevent Emily from becoming enlightened. Meanwhile, a former person of interest and sex offender, Vincent Bourg, is introduced. His harmless demeanor hides a detailed history of sexual offenses. Despite his past, he’s determined to be innocent of any wrongdoing related to Oliver.

The arrival of Vincent is where the show becomes oddly enticing. For a character presumed innocent, The Missing‘s second episode dedicates ample time to him. From being interrogated by Julien to receiving treatment to cure his sickness, Vincent is creepily ubiquitous. The show is at its creepiest when Vincent meets a shady character in the final scene. This individual is Ian Garrett, a lead construction worker who has amassed quite an independent fortune. Earlier in the episode, Ian had informed Tony and Emily that he put up a large sum for anyone with knowledge of Oliver’s whereabouts.

His good deed touches Tony and calms a despondent Emily, but the audience can see ulterior motives. When Ian is shown to be the man waiting for Vincent in the final scene, that suspicion is validated. People like Ian don’t often associate with people like Vincent. That is, they don’t associate unless something dark brings them together. In this meeting, Ian breaks off connection with Vincent after confirming that their relationship or misdeeds weren’t shared with detectives. Something sinister brought them together in The Missing prior to this breakup. That’s the implication.

At least that’s my read of it; perhaps the file sharing of illegal content or exchange of videos containing equally illegal content. More odd behavior presents itself in this episode, though. As Emily’s father sickens and eventually dies, she has an uncomfortable meeting with some sort of faith worker. His identity is barely revealed and the meeting seems out of place. However, it’s later shown that Tony beat up this faith worker not long after Oliver disappeared. Reasons for that skirmish aren’t given at all.

This episode of The Missing presented plenty of confusing wrinkles. Tony is shown to have a violent past in harming the faith worker, while Mark is hiding something from Emily. Vincent might hold vital information, as Ian currently feels like the strongest suspect in the eyes of the audience. Also, last week’s unpredictable characters, journalist Malik and detective Khalid, continue to have odd meetings in which Malik blackmails the detective with a past secret. Quite a bit was introduced in episode two, not much was made clear. But the web of mystery in The Missing is surely being unraveled.

The Missing airs at 9:00 p.m. on Starz. You can also watch the series at Starz online.


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