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Kevin Durant and James Harden Don’t Care About Dwight Howard’s Move

Kevin Durant and James Harden, both of the Oklahoma City Thunder and newly-adorned gold medalists as part of Team USA’s basketball team, appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently. The trio talked about basketball, naturally, and at one point Fallon asked Durant and Harden’s opinion of Dwight Howard going to the Los Angeles Lakers. The basic reaction from both was, “Eh.” When Fallon followed up stating that the Lakers would have a crazy team, the Thunder duo remained steadfast in their indifference, which was followed by Fallon cracking up at the straight-faced reaction of Durantula and The Beard.

Kevin Durant and James Harden of course belong to the NBA Western Conference champion Thunder, a team the Lakers will contend with to reach the NBA Finals. Some speculate that the Lakers have skipped over the Thunder in the rankings of the best team in the west after trading for the best center in the game, when healthy, and not even having to send Pau Gasol in any trade for D12. However, a team of Howard, Gasol, Steve Nash (also acquired this offseason), and Kobe Bryant don’t worry Durant and Harden.

If the reactions as can be seen in the below video don’t scream, “baller cool,” I don’t know what does:

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