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Foot Locker Approved Ad Campaign

Foot Locker has started a new ad campaign called “Approved” starring NBA ballers, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Kevin Love. Three commercials debuted today starring the aforementioned cast of characters in various situations and is an obvious nod to Nike being “approved” by Foot Locker. There’s some really dope kicks and gear here, but could you expect anything less from the Nike powerhouse? And, you know, it’s approved by Foot Locker and all that! Peep the trifecta of commercials below.

YACHT – Starring Chris Bosh and Russell Westbrook straight chillin’ by the pool with appearances by the Skipper and Gilligan AKA Kevin Love and James Harden. This is my second favorite video of the trio with “about six years” being that killer line.

THE MELOS – Starring Carmelo Anthony, Carmelo Anthony, Carmelo Anthony, Carmelo Anthony, and Carmelo Anthony. This one is pretty funny, but places last of the three, which really just speaks to how funny all of the videos are done.

TEAR AWAY – Starring the Oklahoma City guard tandem of Westbrook and Harden at a party with a slippery mustard container. Classic A, A, B set-up and punchline. Harden’s face at the end makes this my personal favorite.

Which one was your favorite? Leave your comments below and let us know!

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