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Sacramento Kings Moving To Virginia Beach? Nah, But Probably Elsewhere!

The Sacramento Kings moving to the east coast, specifically Virginia Beach, Virginia is being reported by The Hampton Roads Business Journal quoting the ubiquitous unnamed sources. Sactown Royalty has a great breakdown/update on the rumors of the team’s relocation, but it basically goes down like this – an article sparks controversy based on non-concrete sources, said controversy is shot down by all involved, even more denials are put forth, and in the end, we all know the Kings are just about as good as gone, but probably not to Virginia Beach.

The Maloofs, owners of the Kings are looking for a new arena and preferably in a new city. Sure, they made transparent promises to keep the Kings where they are  now, but when do you ever think sports owners actually keep their promises to a fanbase after being surrounded with a negativity situation brewing for a bit of time? And said owners being in a chase for the almighty dollar as well? That’s right, never.

A few months ago when the Maloofs reneged on a deal between the team and the city of Sacramento to build a $391 entertainment complex, the proverbial writing was on the proverbial wall – the Sacramento Kings moving is going to happen. Anaheim is reportedly the most desired location, but NBA Commissioner David Stern put the kibosh on that idea, so it’s on to the next one for the Maloofs.

However, it just doesn’t make any sense that it would be on to Virginia Beach for reasons Sactown Royalty lays out. But, this is the NBA where the nonsensical and odd are the norm, so prepare for next Tuesday when an alleged proposal will be made public by the Maloofs, the city of Virginia Beach, and Comcast who will be business partners with the Kings regarding this joint venture.

However, I fully expect nothing to go down. At least not on Tuesday.

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