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Runnin’ The Weave: Guards, Big Men, and French Fries?

“Come on now Mr. Andrews you really are going mad, NBA players and french fries? What does this all have to do with fantasy basketball?”

Well it’s not only french fries. Let’s also mention hot fudge sundaes and buffalo wings. What is it that must accompany french fries? Ketchup, of course. A hot fudge sundae? Hot fudge! Spicy buffalo wings? Zesty bleu cheese, please!

And for my fantasy basketball guards that one perfect condiment is… three-pointers! If you are not getting threes from your backcourt, well, then you just might as well skip the fries. Think about it. Want to try and get the long ball from your big men? I didn’t think so. In fantasy hoops with roto-style scoring (not H2H), an owner cannot punt any category. In my 25+ years of participating in fantasy sports the only category that can safely be excused would be saves in baseball and as you are aware it is fantasy basketball here on Runnin’ The Weave!

Now I don’t want to be an extremist, but I will say this – I never ever have and never ever will draft Tony Parker. I realize he scores, gets assists along with shooting a good percentage from the field for a guard (plus dates decent looking women) and he’s an above-average NBA player. However, you now know my rule. I would much rather endorse any other guard who gets PT, as well as attempts shots behind the arc. No treys, not being owned and drafted here. You get the idea.

In the frontcourt, what is so essential in my desire for a big man? Blocks! Swats! Rejections! Nothing sweeter than owning a big man that gets blocks. Imagine that hot fudge sundae with no chocolate sauce dripping and oozing all over. Think Reggie Evans. Yep. Let us even touch on a player that is certainly more talented and drafted quite higher than Evans, but still is deficient in the ever so important category. Zach Randolph. The man scores and rebounds without a doubt, but it’s his unwillingness to ever leave his feet and “get that sh*t outta here” has me passing on ever owning Z-Bo.

While I am not completely saying the aforementioned players are useless and undraftable, I am strongly suggesting that you leave them for others to own and let the players that will lead you to a title slip right onto your lap. Big names, yet empty stats with no cherry on top or dipping sauce on the side leaves my appetite yearning for more.

Once again we wrap it up with a great quote, this time from one Sir Charles Barkley – “If you are afraid of failure you don’t deserve to be successful!”

You can find Eric on Twitter: @aka_MR_FANTASY . He would love to hear your thoughts.

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