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Dirk Nowitzki To Play Only Two More Years?

Enjoy the Dirk Nowitzki jumpers while you can because it can all come to an end in two years. According to the Dallas Morning News, Nowitzki is going to play out his current contract and then reevaluate his situation. The revelation of Nowitzki’s possible retirement from the NBA came about from, where else? Twitter, of course!

Dirk actually had more than 20 minutes for his Twitter followers as he answered questions for about an hour. For as much trouble Twitter can put athletes in, there’s no denying the accessibility it brings between these superstars in sports and their respective fans. Some highlights from the Dirk Nowitzki’s Twitter Q&A and some commentary:

This is likely the most important answer given by Dirk as it now gives the Dallaas Mavericks and their fans some idea of when the 34-year-old may hang it up. It’s also when Nowitzki’s current contract runs out. Could he try to give an answer like, “However long the Mavs want me” and put the onus on the franchise to pay up to keep him? Sure, but he didn’t. Something it else it seems he won’t do…

You read that right, Dirk Nowitzki is not going to pull a Dwight Howard and just leave his one and only franchise in the dust. I have respect for this man. Actually, even more respect because the respect was always there. You want to put a face to what made European ballers fully accepted and undeniably legit? Look at Dirk.

There are a lot of funny and amusing NBA players, but to see an NBA MVP and one of the best ballers ever to take the court laugh at himself is dope as hell. But, real talk, Nowkitzki is one of the more awkward looking players on the hardwood. Just elbows all over the place. But, the guy is effective.

Check out Dirk Nowitzki’s Twitter account to read more of his answers as some of them are genuinely funny and it’s a good look for Nowitzki to take the time out to get back at his fans.

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