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Dwight Howard Is Back On Twitter!

Dwight Howard, formerly a consistent contributor on Twitter, left the social media service for some time. Alas, the NBA’s version and redux of Superman (Hello, Shaq) hadn’t been seen on Twitter since April 20th. However, as of 1:11PM Pacific Time today, he’s emerged from unhappy land, and is now back, brimming with joy for being in LaLa Land. Yippy skippy!

And as you can see, some things haven’t changed for Dwight Howard. For example, he still tweets with a drawl. Or maybe it’s just with worlds that start with “w” as he extends the words, “world” and “wassup.” One has to wonder if Howard actually speaks like that in real life. I’ll have to watch the postgame presser after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Washington Wizards:

John Waaaaaaaallll is a wooooooondeeeeeeerful player. I’m just happy weeeeeeeeeeee beat the Waaaaaaaaaaashiiiiiiington Wiiiiiiiiizzzzzzz… zzzz… ards for the wiiiiiiin! (Finger guns to camera)

In any case, I’m glad that Dwight Howard is back on Twitter because he’ll be like every other athlete that tweets – up for judgement and oodles of amusement. Seriously, it was getting kind of depressing knowing that Howard was off Twitter because he was obviously embroiled in his own self-created public relations hell – the infamous Dwightmare.

Now that he’s back, all just seems right in the wooooooorrrllldddd.

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