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Deron Williams Ballin’ At A Brooklyn Park

Deron Williams going one-on-one in Brooklyn

Deron Williams was in the middle of shooting an ad/commercial for Red Bull in Brooklyn, specifically in Tillary Park, which is in Downtown Brooklyn just about in the middle of both the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. There’s some good run in Tillary, but there are a lot of other parks where streetball goes down around the way. Brooklyn loves its basketball.

So, how cool is it that an NBA All-Star point guard, freshly re-signed to bring in the Brooklyn Nets Era to the borough of Kings, is getting paid to pose for a big brand, but then takes part in two impromptu one-on-one games with BK’s fine citizens? That’s right, not one, but two. That’s love right there, son! Peep the video of D-Will coolin’ with the regular folk:

It’s a great video, and as a Nets fan, I am digging hard the fact that Deron Williams took time out and became a part of Brooklyn like this. If you don’t think this is going to endear him to the citizens of BK, you’re crazy!

Two things I loved about this video is that kid just walking onto the middle of the court screaming, “Is that Deron Williams? Deron Williams in the hood.” Why, yes kid, it is and he is. The other thing? D-Will saying that there aren’t any shooters on the court out there in Tillary. That’s because everyone wants to take it hard to the rack in Brooklyn!

Major props to Deron Williams. Soon enough, he’s going to be a BK legend.

(H/T to KashmirBaller23 for taking the video; Photo from D-Will’s Instagram)

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