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Kevin Durant Getting Buckets At Rucker Park

Kevin Durant is a straight-up baller. No question. Last summer during the threat of an NBA lockout, Durant did his own summer tour of sorts, playing in just about every summer league streetball affair that he could find around the country.

Being from the NYC area, the below hits close to home as it takes place in the legendary Rucker! Kevin Durant showed up at The Rucker for the first time and dropped 66 points – making it rain buckets, snapping twine, and mesmerizing the already usual jacked-up crowd. The following video is just a snippet of that game, but it’s when he goes bananas from the outside in the fourth quarter. Clutch!

So, let’s reminisce about the summer of 2011… The Rucker… Durantula.

Kevin Durant. Is. The Best. Kevin Durant. Is. The Best. Now I can’t get that hype man’s words and voice out of my head! I can’t do it! However, it’s a minuscule price when you’re watching the greatness that is Durant. And for all those that don’t know, when the court gets flooded with fans, it’s just to show love for something dope. And it happens for non-NBA ballers too. It’s just a tradition, no real explanation, just love. Now you know.

And, if you want to check Durantula’s highlights from the game, enjoy the below and appreciate Kevin Durant:

(H/T to BustaMcThuderstick on reddit)

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