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Shaquille O’Neal: Like No Other

If you didn’t know, Shaquille O’Neal is like no other. Seriously, you can just ask him and he’ll tell you. Watch the opening of the video and you may laugh, grunt, or both when “like no other” is said. Regardless, it’s true. Shaq was an amazing and unstoppable force when he played and I think I forgot that because I’m not a big fan of his TV commentary.

However, after watching this hour-long video, it reminded me of how dominating The Big Aristotle was. The video is a bit dated as it starts out with his arrival to play with the Miami Heat and ends there as well, putting his Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers days in-between. Despite it being dated, it’s still a great video to watch and think about Shaq’s prime because let’s be honest… he did nothing after he left Miami. Okay, one rejuvenated small period of time with the Phoenix Suns thanks to their excellent, top-notch training staff, but nothing afterward. In any case, enjoy the video:

While Shaquille O’Neal was an indubitable presence on the court and focused during the game, I really enjoyed the more light-hearted moments in the video. As a silly dude myself, for the most part, it was funny to see Shaq goofing off with, literally, everyone. It’s great when big-time athletes are self-deprecating.

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