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Heat-Bucks Game 2 Retroactive Log: The Disappearing Bucks Backcourt


1st Quarter

9:03 Larry Sanders jams home a feed from Monta Ellis. Sanders has been active early, but that’s not necessarily a good thing: A hand in 3 of the first 4 Bucks buckets, and 3 turnover in the first five minutes.

4:40 Monta flings a three off the backboard from straight on. Not pretty.

4:29 Dwyane Wade called for a push-off against Monta. Or, if you speak 2006, two free throws for Wade!

4:00 Greg Anthony on the call: “Mario Chalmers doesn’t get enough credit.” Amen. Nice banker for two, 18-15 Bucks.

3:32 Ilyasova on a feed from Ellis, he’s got 12 of the Bucks’ 20.

0:01 After missing a lay-in, LeBron James is initially assessed a technical foul due to an outburst. An obnoxiously loud girl too close to the television mic summed it up best: “He’s mad at himself! No way! No way! No way!” After LeBron explained his reaction, the technical is rescinded. No way.

2nd Quarter

10:10 Every time John Henson (or any of the endless line of athletic defensive big Bucks) bricks a long jumper, it’s hard to ignore Tobias Harris’s half-season in Orlando.

9:23 Birdman emphatically swats an layup attempt into the stands, followed by his “Predator” stance. Shouldn’t he have a more birdlike celebratory pose? I don’t know, did Big Bird have a signature move?

3:55 Chalmers scores five straight points to take the lead. 38-35 Heat.0:42 Dunleavy with an isolation on Bosh. Sweet step-back jumper along the baseline. He and Ilyasova are carrying the Bucks so far.Notice anyone missing? Brandon Jennings and Monta’s combined scoring at the half: 1 point. (But 10 assists. That’s more than most starting backcourts combine for a game, at least.)

3rd Quarter

10:26 Bosh bricks a layup attempt. Sanders doesn’t miss his on a feed from Monta, then hits an 18-footer to tie it up, 49-49. If he can consistently have that weapon in his arsenal, Sanders’s game is all the more lethal.

5:37 Brandon Jennings with one of his five missed three-point attempts of the quarter.

2:01 Pick and roll flush from Ray Allen to Bosh, followed by yet another Brandon Jennings brick, and a Bosh flick for two. Heat’s largest ead of the night so far, 68-60.

1:47 Dunleavy again, midrange.

0:03 Dunleavy picks LeBron’s pass and feeds Jennings on the break, who glides in for a sweet reverse scoop finish as the Bucks close the quarter with a burst. 68-65 Heat.

4th Quarter

9:37 Birdman finishes galloping through the lane, followed by a Norris Cole 3. A 12-0 Heat run to start the quarter and effectively end the game (80-65). The “no way!” girl is now just “woo!” girl. And you know it’s game over when “woo!” girl shows up.

7:42 Now Birdman’s just doing an iteration of that Predator pose no matter what he does: score, rebound, pick his nose.
Final: 98-86 Heat.

A competitive game through three quarters, but if the Bucks don’t have their starting backcourt going, there’s just no chance. After their 1-point first half, Ellis and Jennings finished the game with 15 total points, on 5 of 22 shooting. Oh, and that 10-assist mark from the first half? They finished with 10 for the game. Police are still searching for J.J. Redick.

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