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UPDATE: The Name Game: We help Metta World Peace choose a new moniker

UPDATE: From Metta World Peace’s own mouth… err, Twitter:

Well everyone, it’s that time of year again! Newly minted Knickerbocker Metta World Peace is changing his name… again.


All of the basketball boys and basketball girls will be snug in their beds dreaming of whatever Metta comes up with this time. We here at Baller Mind Frame decided to give him a few options to choose from:

Panna No Poverty
Lhasa Marriage Equality
Khanti Universal Health Care
South West
Face Book
Imagine Whirled Peace
Cherry Garcia
Ron Artest
The Artist Formerly Known As Ron Artest
Gangnam Style
Chastity Mercedes
iRon Artest
Hugh G. Rection
Chalupa Batman MacArthur
Ron Ochocinco
El Balocesto Loco
Mohammad Jesus Buddha
Ferdinand Alcindor
Albert Qaeda
Fukka Mike Brown
Dr. Von Stratheimer
George Alexander Louis
Elbows McGee
Ron Arte$t

And of course, my personal favorite:
Carlos Danger

H/T to Clevver News

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