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Fantasy Basketball Top 50

Image courtesy of Keith Allison

Image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr

These rankings are based on the standard nine categories of Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals, 3PT shots made, FG%, FT% and Turnovers. They are best used for the head-to-head scoring format. The rankings show the top players in fantasy basketball based on per game averages from October 29 through November 22, 2013.

        1. Anthony Davis, F/C – He’s head and shoulders (and brow) above the competition. Bringing great percentages and solid defensive numbers you can count on.

        2. Ryan Anderson, F/C – Rhyno has two great games coming back from injury. Future games should even out his ranking soon enough.

        3. Kevin Love, F/C – The added dimension of his improved passing game just adds to his already great PTS, REB and 3PTM.

        4. Kevin Durant, SF – Now that Russell Westbrook is back online, expect Durantula to slowly contest for the top spot once again.

        5. Chris Paul, PG – Rivers must have been what the doctor ordered for CP3’s fantasy game (pun much intended). He’s more aggressive and his owners are loving it.

        6. Paul George, G/F – He’s been mentioned in early, real-life MVP. discussions and why wouldn’t he be? He’s still taking his game to yet another level.

        7. Stephen Curry, G – Once again, Curry is shooting the lights out of the competition. His owners have one eye on the stat sheet and another on Steph’s ankle.

        8. Spencer Hawes, C – Hawes is the biggest surprise in fantasy basketball’s Top 10. He’s produced a very well-rounded stat line as he shines with the rebuilding 76ers.

        9. James Harden, G/F – Minor injuries have slowed his early season. Dwight Howard’s addition has also lopped off a small chunk of his value.

        10. LeBron James, F – LBJ (and the Heat) are off to a slow start. He should ramp up production as the season progresses and owners need not worry.

        11. Dirk Nowitzki, PF – His game is a perfect fit for his aging body and he’s making the most of it so far with the new-look Mavericks.

        12. Arron Afflalo, G/F – His current 22.5 PPG and 3.0 3PT clips are boosting his value. Owners should pray the Magic trade Jameer Nelson and not him to make room for Oladipo.

        13. Brook Lopez, C – Prior to his recent ankle sprain, Bropez has been a fantastic scorer and shot blocker so far.

        14. Kevin Martin, SG – Most people expected Martin to thrive with the Timberwolves this season, but few foresaw this much of an explosion.

        15. Klay Thompson, G/F – Similar to Curry, KT is lobbing those bombs like there’s no tomorrow. Who can say no to 20.6 PPG and 3.3 3PT.

        16. Carmelo Anthony, F – Melo is doing it all for the Knicks and is delivering consistent second-round value so far.

        17. Blake Griffin, PF – Averaging 23 PPG, 10 RPG and 3.2 APG helps offset the fact that Blake is still shooting just 60% from the line.

        18. Marc Gasol, C – After a slow start, Marc has finally hit regular season form and is still bringing that roto goodness in fantasy we love.

        19. Damian Lillard, PG – Lillard has come into his own and is clearly sharing the spotlight in Portland with LaMarcus Aldridge.

        20. Mike Conley, PG – He’s upped his scoring by a ton and has been efficient at it too. We just hope that he can raise his 5.5 APG back to the 7+ mark.

        21. Ty Lawson, PG – The Nuggets are in a state of flux, but he’s remained steadfast so far. With Wilson Chandler healthy some extra pressure can be taken off Lawson’s shoulders.

        22. Andre Drummond, FC – Fears of him being a FT% killer have been dowsed by his few attempts at the line. He’s now challenging for elite big man status in fantasy.

        23. Andre Iguodala, G/F – He fits the Warriors and their system like a hand to a glove and his stats are showing it.

        24. Al Horford, F/C – Atlanta is now “his” house and he’s been great, raising his defensive averages to 2.1 BPG and 1.3 SPG.

        25. Michael Carter-Willams, PG – He’s been great so far, displaying an ability to put up diverse lines nightly. He currently leads all rookies in fantasy basketball this season.

        26. Eric Bledsoe, G – Bledsoe has not disappointed drafters who speculated on his upside and he’s delivering nicely.

        27. Serge Ibaka, F/C – Serge had a bumpy start, while Westbrook was down with an injury. Since Russell’s return, Ibaka’s gotten on back on track.

        28. Wesley Matthews, G/F – Several games with great shooting have raised Matthews’ value for now. He still remains a sell-high candidate.

        29. John Wall, PG – John has been hampered by back spasms, but has shown improvement in his passing with 9.7 APG.

        30. Chandler Parsons, SF – Chandler has been the biggest beneficiary of Howard’s addition to the team as he delivers solid scoring at an efficient 51.3 FG%.

        31. Nikola Vucevic, C – Nikola has carried over his improvement from last season’s breakout and brings a reliable 14-10 nightly double-double.

        32. Kyle Korver, G/F – He’s making a strong case that he’s not just a three-point shooting specialist, but Lou Williams’ return to form could eat into Kyle’s value moving forward.

        33. DeMarcus Cousins, C – Once again, his shooting percentages are an issue, but he makes up for it with his improvement in the counting categories.

        34. Chris Bosh, F/C – Bosh has been “hot” and “not” for the early part of the season, but should bring renewed consistency soon enough.

        35. Nicolas Batum, G/F – Portland’s multi-category stud has not been delivering the goods from beyond the arc, but has done enough in other areas to remain a Top 50 player.

        36. LaMarcus Aldridge, F/C – Aldridge is still reliable, but his happiness in Portland still remains in question.

        37. Paul Millsap, PF – Paul has not lived up to expectations so far, but still has a lot of time to get acclimated to his new team.

        38. Rudy Gay, SF – He’s been the focal point of Toronto’s offense, but has been shooting the ball poorly from the field. Still, Gay is providing a diverse line to keep owners happy.

        39. Monta Ellis, G – The Mavericks have become a new home for Monta and his numbers are getting better each game that he feels more comfortable.

        40. Josh Smith, F – His scoring has taken a big hit since moving to Detroit, but he brings enough with his 1.8 SPG, 1.5 BPG and 1.6 3PPG.

        41. Shawn Marion, F – He continues to turn back the clock this season, making him a solid source of across-the-board production.

        42. Al Jefferson, F/C – His on-and-off issues with his injured ankle have slowed his renaissance season in Charlotte. Once healthy, Al-Jeff should rise in the rankings.

        43. Bradley Beal, SG – Beal and Wall have shown that together they are one of the league’s most potent backcourts, with Beal scoring the lights out of the opposition.

        44. Kyrie Irving, PG – His low 41% shooting from the field and his 3.5 TOs per game have dragged his value very far from his projected Top-10 range.

        45. Martell Webster, G/F – Webster is a more than a source of three-pointers but has shaky value thanks to Trevor Ariza and eventually Otto Porter taking his minutes.

        46. Kyle Lowry, PG – Lowry has bounced back this season with mid-round level production, thanks mainly to his 2.1 3PPG, 1.7 SPG and 6.3 APG.

        47. Trevor Ariza, G/F – Ariza flew out of the gates in his first eight games as a starter, but has since been slowed by an injury (as usual).

        48. Tyson Chandler, C – Prior to his unfortunate injury, Chandler was quietly providing solid value thanks to his 2.5 BPG, 1.0 SPG and 9.0 RPG.

        49. Isaiah Thomas, PG – The Kings insist on letting him come off the bench, and his numbers have made him a leader for this season’s Sixth Man of the Year award.

        50. Roy Hibbert, C – He still is wanting on the offensive end, but no one can question Hibbert’s defensive presence. He leads the league with 4.4 BPG.


(Editors Note: Marc Gasol (knee) has a Grade2 MCL sprain of the left knee that does not require surgery and he is out indefinitely.)

Featured image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flikr

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