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Los Angeles Lakers finish game with only four eligible players

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The Los Angeles Lakers started tonight’s game in Cleveland with only eight available players. That dropped to six when Nick Young and Jordan Farmar got hurt, and four when Chris Kaman and Robert Sacre fouled out. They still won, 119-108.

That’s thanks to the NBA’s no-forfeit policy, which allows players who foul out to remain in the game if a team is down to its last five players. (The penalty: a technical foul, and subsequent technical fouls for every foul committed past six.) So Sacre remained in the game, playing the final 3:30 with six fouls. All this, and the Lakers still won. That’s how bad the Cavs are, though don’t blame Anthony Bennett: he had 14 points! Deadspin


This has only happened twice in NBA history. It’s really hard to judge Mike D’Antoni when the Lakers are deprived of healthy players.

How embarrassing is it to lose by double digits to a team with only four eligible players? That’s like a secret Xbox achievement.

No way in the world Lebron James is going back to Cleveland. Who wants to bet? – AL

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