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76ers buyout Danny Granger’s contract

Image courtesy of CJ Isherwood/Flickr.

Image courtesy of CJ Isherwood/Flickr.

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Danny Granger and the Philadelphia 76ers came to a buyout agreement Wednesday, according to David Aldridge. This move frees Granger to sign with a contender and chase the title hopes that he once shared with his former Indiana Pacers teammates.

As Granger will tell you, his knees are no longer a problem. And he is in fact healthy, albeit limited, after sitting out most of last season due to patellar tendinosis which led to knee surgery last spring.

So he’s fine, but how does he fit?

Aldridge’s story as well as other reports have listed several teams from Miami, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio and the Los Angeles Clippers as possible suitors. Indy Star

Teams still do not understand that having too many players of the same position on the roster is problematic.

Why the hell would the Clippers wants Granger when they have Matt Barnes, J.J. Redick (coming back from injury before playoffs) Jared Dudley, Hedo Turkoglu, Jamal Crawford, Willie Green, and Reggie Bullock. When would Granger even play? Buyout players should be used to strengthen a weakness, not just gain a player for the hell of it. 

Chicago, Miami, and San Antonio are good fits because those teams lack backup perimeter players. In those cases, it’s a need, not a want. The last thing I want to see is a “Granger unhappy with role on contender” rumor. – AL

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