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LeBron James buys Heat teammates WWE title belts

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LeBron James recently got a WWE title belt as a personal gift from The Rock, so I guess he decided to pay it forward. With money. He bought WWE replica belts for all of his Heat teammates.

The most interesting thing about this (besides the fact that 13 replica belts — excluding LeBron’s — would set someone back $5,849.87 plus tax and shipping) is the personal posing style everyone is going with. A few people are going with the belt over the shoulder, as currently seen used by such contemporaries as Randy Orton and Chris Jericho, but then you’ve got Dwyane Wade going crossed-arms like Mr. Perfect, Chris Bosh reenacting the anachronistic Bret Hart single-hand belt-raise, Birdman doing “generic create-a-wrestler wins title belt” and at least a couple of guys who have clearly never seen wrestling and/or a belt before. SB Nation

A few thoughts:

1) What the hell is Ray Allen doing?

2) James looks like he just finished winning the belt because of the ice on his knees. At the very least, he’s the best teammate in the world. This isn’t up for debate.

3) Best pose goes to Chris Bosh.

– AL

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