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March not the same without Gus Johnson

The screaming. The yelling. Not from fans, but from the man in charge of bringing the game to life. Gus Johnson has been gone from CBS for several years now and there is a noticeable difference during the NCAA tournament.

I know complaining about the announcers is like complaining about Super Bowl commercials, but it is still something that should be brought up. I know the games don’t lack quality, so don’t think I just turn on games and complain about a Gus Johnson deficiency the whole time.

Just watch this in case you forgot the voice Johnson brought to the spectacle that is the NCAA tournament.


Some of the video quality is not great, but close your eyes and just listen. That type of raw excitement is what fans should want from announcers. Someone who actually enjoys what they do. If you remember turning on TBS and watching Braves games about a decade ago, you know how boring a game can be with announcers that have no charisma.

We still have Bill Raftery, but half the stuff he says is nonsense. Not that what Gus Johnson says isn’t nonsense, but it was fun nonsense, if that makes any sense. Only so many times I can hear “ONIONS” before thoughts start to surface of  Verne Lundquist slamming his head against the table.

Unfortunately, Gus Johnson is likely never coming back to the tournament, as he is with Fox and is essentially being groomed to be their main soccer announcer in the future. Gus Johnson doing soccer is an intriguing idea. Just check this out to see if it doesn’t bring excitement to the soccer world.


Wow. That may be a little too intense for some soccer fans, but they will have to get used to it as Gus Johnson makes his home announcing soccer for Fox.

Featured image courtesy of Dave Hogg/Flickr.

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