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Rex Chapman admits fabricating John Calipari to Lakers rumor

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Kentucky basketball analyst Rex Chapman joined the show to explain his Tweet that John Calipari is headed to the Lakers.

He said that he heard from two reliable sources that it’s a “done deal” that Calipari is headed to the Lakers. He pointed out that he said “word is” … so he says that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a done deal. In fact, Chapman thinks that Calipari is more likely to stay at Kentucky. He thinks Calipari could be bargaining to get more money from Kentucky and said the coach has to deal with that every year.

Chapman said “I’m not a journalist,” and said he doesn’t take criticism seriously. The Dan Patrick Show

Two quick thoughts and then I’m going to bow out of all discussion of this falsehood.

1) Thank you to Dan Patrick for getting a direct answer to a rumor from the source.

2) I did not mention this rumor on Baller Mind Frame because the only source was Chapman’s tweet which literally has the hashtags #NoBS and #DoneDeal.

Chapman is shrinking from all responsibility. He said the media blew it out of proportion and clarified that he treats Twitter as if he’s talking to friends.

I shall now take my leave at the exit for Common Sense. – AL

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