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Paul George blacked out during Game 2 versus Heat

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Indiana Pacers swingman Paul George said he briefly blacked out and then had blurred vision for the final four or five minutes of Indiana’s Game 2 loss after he took a hit to the head from Dwyane Wade’s knee.

George remained in the game for the duration of the Miami Heat’s 87-83 win over the Pacers in the Eastern Conference final on Tuesday night and finished with 14 points.

Coach Frank Vogel said George was checked out by trainers after the collision and he was told George was good to go…

“The trainers will look at it and see what [symptoms] are going to be from that,” George said. “We’re just going to go day to day with it, I guess.”

The Pacers say George will continue to be evaluated over the next several days.

If George suffered a concussion, he will be subject to the league’s concussion protocol and must be symptom-free for 24 hours before being cleared to play. ESPN

As usual, an athlete hides symptoms of a head injury and continues playing in a game. While it wasn’t immediately clear that Paul George had any ailment, the open LeBron James’ scores off simple cuts to the rim and lethargic fights through screens should have been a dead giveaway.

George probably hurt the team more by remaining in the game, and forcing the Pacers’ hand to potentially hold him out of Game 3 because of missing the first signs of his injury. League policy wisely suggests that players who are suffering from concussion symptoms can “not return to participation on that same day.” 

A player’s safety should come before the game, postseason or not. We have seen the sort of damage that concussions can cause if not properly assessed and treated. Fans hope George can play but they should be understanding if he is unable. – AL

Featured image courtesy of Joseph Glorioso Photography/Flickr.

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