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BMF Exclusive: Stevie Williams on ‘hot’ SUPRA Estaban


Recently, Baller Mind Frame featured the BMF Style debut of the SUPRA Estaban, by trade a skating shoe, but largely seen by the masses as a lifestyle sneaker, something befitting of ballers off-court. SUPRA is known for its design being inspired by basketball shoe silhouettes and has been worn often by entertainers and musicians such as Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber. Fortunately, I was able to snag an interview with the Estaban’s signature athlete, world-renowned skater Stevie Williams, whose new shoe is the current flagship sneaker for the high-fashion footwear brand.

See what Stevie thinks about his new signature below and how he rocks his new kicks, the latter courtesy of SUPRA.



Baller Mind Frame: Stevie, the Estaban is your second signature shoe with SUPRA — how is the Estaban different (for you) to skate in from the S1W?
Stevie Williams: I think the main difference is the style of the shoe and feel. The Estaban has a completely new sole and the lacing system is different, which I love. It brings a whole new feel and look to the Stevie edition.

BMF: Stevie, what did you like about your first signature that you wanted to bring over into the Estaban?
SW: I definitely wanted this new shoe to be a hightop, but other than that, I was open to creating something fresh. Overall, the S1W and Estaban are two totally different shoes going in different directions. the S1W has a retro look and the new Estaban is more unique and innovative. It has a more modern feel.

BMF: What’s the feature that you like most in the Estaban?
SW: The lace system and the sole are the two parts of the new shoe that I dig the most. My big priority was for the Estaban to be versatile. Make it skate really good and also be sharp to hangout in. That is hard to do. Think we did a good job.

BMF: Has your feel on the board improved since you’ve been skating in the Estaban?
SW: I would say for sure. I just learned a new trick and been jumping down some stairs in the Estabans. The shoes perform. They break in real easy and that’s always a big plus skating.

BMF: The Estaban has lace loops that extend far on the side of the foot bridge — does that wide lace set-up help you in any way, or is it merely a style point for you?
SW: Its style points to me. Once you start to really skate hard, you could break the laces, so there’s an inner lacing system to keep them tight. It also gives people wearing Estabans options on how they tie up their shoes. Should be fun for the creative types. I always liked lacing my shoes up in different ways growing up.

BMF: Stevie, how do you expect your fans to receive your new shoe?
SW: I think they’ll like it. It’s a great design and the colorways are all solid. The moment I saw the shoe, I was excited. I’m thinking my fans will feel the same way. We think the shoe is hot!

BMF: And lastly, how involved were you in the design of the Estaban with SUPRA?
SW: Not too much. I saw the design, loved the sample, and we rolled from there. A few tweaks, but nothing crazy. I’ve known the guys over at Supra for a long time. We get each other. What I care about most is the shoe quality. Think we have something special with the Estaban.


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