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The One Where the Ladies of ‘Friends’ Unite on Jimmy Kimmel Live

While  promoting her latest film, Life of Crime, last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host “duped”  Aniston into acting out some of the fan-fiction he wrote about Friends. The bit was clearly rehearsed (Aniston feigns amazement when they reveal the mini-replica of Monica’s kitchen), even though Aniston doesn’t seem thrilled with the whole segment. She seems to grow even more annoyed once “Monica” and “Phoebe” walk through the front door, her real-life friends being pulled into this whole silly charade. But hey that’s just some stellar acting! Did you know she and Kimmel are also friends IRL? ‘Tis true, they have even vacationed together with their significant others. All in all, it’s still a fun moment and may be the closest thing we’ll get to a real Friends reunion.


Where are Joey and Chandler, you may wonder? Well, according to Kimmel, they died.  I wouldn’t doubt that the women all agreed to the appearance to help create buzz around the 20th anniversary of Friends,  as it is highly unlikely any of the main cast from the show would make an appearance at the pop-up coffee shop coming to New York City in September. Although, that may not be true. David Schwimmer now lives in the East Village anyway, and is currently directing Sex With Strangers off-Broadway until the end of this month. So who knows, maybe there’s a chance that Ross will stop by for a free cup of coffee while on his way to do the laundry.

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