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Fantasy Football: 10 Team Names that Will Lead to Victory

Fantasy football 2014. It’s finally here. Gone are the days of sitting around, pining for Sundays filled with cheese puffs, NFL Red Zone, and stinging retinas. With the season fast-approaching, many are hastily drafting in advance of the season opener, or maybe putting the final touches on their rosters.

But what about the the final touch?

Here are 10 fantasy football team names to rescue you from handle mediocrity.


Courtesy of NFL News Desk Admin/Flickr.

Courtesy of NFL News Desk Admin/Flickr.

The Hip Hop Division

Turn Down For Watt

Yayuhh … Watt?

Insane Clowney Posse

Jadeveon and Watt will combine to cause some Juggalo-scoring fantasy weeks.

Do the Sankey Leg

Warning: Do not use if you don’t want your team to disappear like the GS Boyz.


Image courtesy of The_Doodler/Flickr.

Image courtesy of The_Doodler/Flickr.

The Netflix Division

Orange is the New Blackmon

Because this.


I’d pay a lot more than a dollar for him.


Courtesy of NO.L/Flickr.

Courtesy of NO.L/Flickr.

Game of Thrones Division

Demaryius Targaryen/Demaryius Stormborn

Mover of Chains, Reacher of First Downs and End Zones …

KnowJohn SnowReno

Go with this one if you know nothing.

White Welkers

Wes is certainly approaching some sort of wall.


Courtesy of Zennie Abraham/Flickr.

Courtesy of Zennie Abraham/Flickr.

Back of the Bus Division

My Ball Zach Ertz

Particularly appropriate the week after a loss.

99 Bortles of Beer on the Wall

Taken down, short of first downs, 98 Bortles of beer on the wall.

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