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Prop It Like It’s Hot: Week 9 NFL Prop Bets

The NFL season has officially hit its halfway mark and if you’ve followed my picks, you probably aren’t reading this because you’ve lost everything you own. It was another losing outing last week for me going 1-3, but I hit the prop bet of the week knowing that Matthew Stafford’s hangover would cost the Detroit Lions a first half deficit, but he would end up leading them to a comeback victory. So like Bill Murray in Caddyshack, I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Drew Brees Total Touchdown Passes (Under 2.5 touchdowns -155)

The New Orleans Saints are a totally different team on the road, and everybody knows that. They are 3-0 at home, and 0-4 on the road this season so it’s pretty clear that unlike most guys, Drew Brees is more comfortable in a dome. Unfortunately for Brees, the Carolina Panthers do not play in a dome so he’ll be out of luck this week. Also, in four road games this season he has yet to throw for more than two touchdowns so I can’t see him doing it against the Panthers.

Will Any Quarterback throw for 400 or More Passing Yards in Week 9 (No +110)

Seven players have thrown for 400 or more passing yards this season, and four of those happened last week. The players who have thrown for 400-plus yards this season are the following: Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Nick Foles, Ben Roethlisberger, Kirk Cousins, Matt Ryan and Aaron Rogers. The only player who is off this list who I could see throwing for 400 yards would be Tom Brady, but since he is playing against Peyton Manning this week, he probably won’t be on the field enough to get those yards. As a result, I can see a few quarterbacks getting into the high 300’s, but don’t see anyone reaching the 400 mark.

Who Will Record More Completions in Week 9: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning (Brady +110)

Tom Brady has completed 181 passes this season and has a 64.4 % completion percentage, while Peyton Manning has completed 171 passes with a 69.0 % completion percentage. Brady and Manning have been on fire lately, and both quarterbacks are going to play their best during this rivalry game. Since the numbers are so close, I’m going to have to pick the home quarterback and say Tom Brady completes 28 passes, compared to Manning’s 26. It’ll be close.

Michael Vick Total Rushing Yards: Over/Under 35.5 yards (Over -115)

Michael Vick ran for 69 yards last week against Buffalo and will continue this against the Kansas City Chiefs. Vick is known for his running ability and after a full week of preparation knowing that he is going to be the starter, he’ll be more comfortable against Kansas City. The Chiefs are 18th in the NFL in opposing rushing yards averaging 112.9 yards against each game, and with the vicious running attack of Chris Ivory already, Vick will expose Kansas City’s defense for more than 35.5 yards.

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