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Four Reasons to Binge-Watch ‘Orphan Black’

Orphan Black, a popular science fiction series about human cloning, is a thrilling show worthy of being binge-watched. Starring a remarkably effective Tatiana Maslany, the show is largely about her primary character, Sarah Manning, discovering that she is part of a human cloning project. I say primary character because Maslany plays a range of cloned characters, all of whom have a distinct voice and personality. With an exciting premise, a flawless lead actress, and only two seasons to catch up on, here are a few reasons Orphan Black should be binge-watched immediately.

Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris are awesome together
Tatiana Maslany’s character of Sarah Manning may run the show, but Jordan Gavaris also does a wonderful job of playing his character, Felix Dawkins. Felix is Sarah’s intimately close foster brother. Persevering through a difficult childhood together, this closely knit pair displays chemistry in nearly every scene. They couldn’t have been more perfectly cast. Felix is a witty and brilliantly sarcastic young man who acts as a major catalyst to the success of the show. Since Sarah is typically in some sort of trouble or poor relationship, Felix is often forced to scramble in order to save her from major issues. The severity of these issues increase as the show moves on. Plot holes and missteps are compensated by the sheer joy received from watching this combination in action.

Dylan Bruce and Kevin Hanchard play unintentionally funny characters
Dylan Bruce plays Sarah’s on-and-off love interest, Paul Dierden, who is a former military man tangled up in the intricacies of human cloning. Paul has the facial resemblance of a Ken doll and the physique of a professional athlete. To match his almost comically perfect aura, he’s also an unpredictable character who seems to unfairly play with the audience. His decisions and drastic changes in loyalty are perplexing to the point of absurdity. Kevin Hanchard plays detective Art Bell, an ex-partner to one of Sarah’s clones. Bell is painfully serious and probably overacted by Hanchard. These characters capture an important part of Orphan Black‘s enjoyment though. At times, the show is ridiculous and over the top, but nevertheless entertaining and addicting. Call it inexplicably enjoyable.

The ideological divide between science and religion is realistically portrayed
With Sarah and her fellow clones roaming the world, scientific and religious groups can’t help but take an interest. The scientific groups seek tracking the progress and overall evolution of the clones, while the religious groups view the clones as a sinful abomination capable of threatening true creation. While the show can tie itself up with gaps in clarity, this aspect of Orphan Black is spot-on. Clones can be seen as beneficial or dangerous depending on the ideological nature of a certain group. If human cloning prevailed in non-binge-watching real life, things would probably be quite similar to what occurs in this show. From this perspective, Orphan Black fulfills a philosophical need in viewers and should successfully tickle the curiosity of any watcher, regardless of scientific or religious viewpoint.

With only two seasons completed, the binge is manageable
For shows that are finished products with five or six total seasons, the binge can be overwhelming. And whether it’s the stress of work, school, or anything else, a dedication to binge-watching something is truly a commitment. A show that sucks countless hours from your eyes should be worth watching. Orphan Black is not only worth watching, it’s also just 20 episodes deep at the moment. The vibe is enthusing and the lead lady is wonderful, plus some of the primary characters are treats on-screen and the unintentional comedy adds to the show’s overall allure. Orphan Black is a rare mixture of powerful acting and questionable plotting taking place behind an enchanting premise. Sometimes the show is weird. Other times it’s addicting. Beyond anything, though, it’s worthy of a binge.

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