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BMF Style: Nike Air Max Penny I LE DB Alejandro Muñoz

Courtesy of Nike

Alejandro Muñoz was born with kidneys that have never worked well and eventually will fail. He spent his first 12 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Trips to Doernbecher have become a frequent part of his life. At eight you just want to play. Now. Today. It’s pretty simple.

Alejandro’s canvas is the Nike Air Max Penny, inspired by his love of football. Alejandro loves nothing more than hanging out in shorts and tees – and now he has designed one of each. Personal drawings and designs are imprinted all over the reflective base of the Air Max Penny, and his own logo is inspired by his favorite football team: the 49ers. Look closely and you’ll see a self-portrait of Alejandro playing football on the tongue.

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