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Karissa The Destroyer and the Super Smash Bros. Hoax

Here’s the YouTube description of the below video:

On November 8th, a 10-year-old took down some of the West Coast’s top Super Smash Bros players. But she didn’t do it alone. She had the help of pro gamer Liquid’KDJ. We’re excited to finally share the full story of Karissa the Destroyer with you. Thanks to all who came out for the event!

Apparently, those in attendance and those that believed in the legend of the 10-year-old Karissa the Destroyer, fell for it. Yes, a prank was played and it was a good one. However, there are those that are crying foul about this hoax perpetuated by GameStop. Honestly, I have no good reason why because it was a joke. Don’t take it so seriously because it’s only a game… wait, I sound like my parents now. Noooooooo!

Check the video and let us know what you think:

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