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BMF Debut: Shaq Attaq IV Wrapping Paper by Reebok Classic

Courtesy of Reebok

The Shaq Attaq IV continues to push the envelope with a limited edition colorway inspired by the holiday season.

Reebok Classic incorporates the perfect amount of detail to make this a truly one of a kind shoe. The long narrow strips of metallic blue shine like tinsel and the Candy Cane striped laces are a sweet finishing touch.

These will go fast so, stop by Jimmy Jazz, Eblens, Shoe City or Eastbay on Friday, December 19th to grab your Reebok Classic Shaq Attaq IV Wrapping Paper for $140.

SHAQ ATTAQ_Wrapping-Paper_Pair-loose_Black SHAQ ATTAQ_Wrapping-Paper_Pair-loose_White SHAQ ATTAQ_Wrapping-Paper_Pair-tight_Black SHAQ ATTAQ_Wrapping-Paper_Pair-Tight_White SHAQ ATTAQ_Wrapping-Paper_Profile-loose_Black SHAQ ATTAQ_Wrapping-Paper_Profile-loose_White SHAQ ATTAQ_Wrapping-Paper_Profile-tight_Black SHAQ ATTAQ_Wrapping-Paper_Profile-Tight_White WRAPPING PAPER BEAUTY FINAL_1 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1660 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1666 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1671 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1473 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1484 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1487 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1488 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1519 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1570 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1574 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1578 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1581 DavidSalafia_SALAFIA_RBK_PHOTOBOOTH-start3-1597 WRAPPING PAPER BEAUTY FINAL_2


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