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BMF Debut: Nike KYRIE 1

It’s no secret that Cleveland Cavs point guard supreme Kyrie Irving has been an endorser of Nike since becoming a pro in 2011, but up until now, he’s worn pseudo-signature sneakers — shoes in colorways that were made for him and inspired by him, but named specifically for him. Now, he has something official — the Nike KYRIE 1.

You see more details on the debut at Nike, but see below for all of the visuals that have debuted, here at Baller Mind Frame.

KYRIE_1_Tech_Sheet_native_1600 Kyrie1-sketches_native_1600 SP15_BB_KYRIE_1_705277-016_Toe_square_600 SP15_BB_KYRIE_1_705277-016_Back_square_600 SP15_BB_KYRIE_1_705277-016_Profile_square_600 SP15_BB_KYRIE_1_705277-606_Detail_4_square_600 SP15_BB_KYRIE_1_705277-606_Detail_1_square_600 SP15_BB_KYRIE_1_705277-606_Detail_3_square_600 Penny_Hardaway-Kyrie_Irving-Charles_Barkley_native_1600 Kyrie_Irving-Tristan_Thompson-LeBron_James_native_1600 03 00 01 SP15_BB_KYRIE_1_HERO_4_0138_native_1600


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