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Prop It Like It’s Hot: Week 15 NFL Prop Bets

Photo courtesy of Mike Morbeck/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Mike Morbeck/Flickr.

It’s Week 15 and with one game in the books already, a touchdown has yet to be scored. Exciting stuff, NFL. After going 4-0 last week in the Week 14 edition, I’m feeling red-hot heading into Week 15. However, my prop bets resemble the 2014 Oakland Raiders, as one week they can beat the Kansas City Chiefs, then the next week they are getting embarrassed by the St Louis Rams 52-0. Let’s hope this week I can be more like an AFC North team, instead of a NFC South team. Onwards to gambling!

Johnny Manziel Total Passing Yards (Over 230.5 Yards: -115)

It’s “Johnny Football” first career start in Cleveland this week, and it’s about time. I appreciate the feel good story of Brian Hoyer, but the guy has thrown one touchdown since November 6th, and that’s unacceptable in the NFL. This game is going to get a lot of airtime during Sports Center regardless of the outcome, but Manziel lives for the spotlight and as long as he sobers up by game time he should be fine. Hell, even if he’s half in the bag I think he throws for over 230.5 yards on Sunday.

Will Colin Kaepernick Throw a Fourth-Quarter Touchdown Pass in Week 14 (No-300) 

Kaepernick has not thrown a fourth-quarter touchdown all season, which has a lot to do the San Francisco 49ers’ poor record and dismal play. Although Kaepernick has been criticized a lot this season, he hasn’t even been that atrocious. His fourth-quarter numbers are what have haunted him and they will continue to when he faces the Seattle Seahawks this weekend. The Seattle defense is the best in football once again, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the 49ers were held to under 10 points.

Will Johnny Manziel Score a Rushing Touchdown? (Yes +225) 

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little excited about “Johnny Football” making his NFL debut and I’m all in for it. Manziel is going to score a rushing touchdown, and if there were a prop bet that said he would flip Marvin Lewis off right after he did it, I would have probably bet that as well. Lewis called Manziel a midget this week and although Manziel was probably at a pub in Cleveland when Lewis said it, I’m sure someone relayed him the quote. I don’t know how tall Marvin Lewis is, but it’s tough to call a guy who’s 6’0’ a midget, unless they’re the size of the Big Show, and Lewis is far from the size of a WWE wrestler. I’m really looking for Manziel to go off during this game.

How Many Total Yards will Le’Veon Bell Record in Week 15? (Over 200: -+400)

Bell has recorded more than 200 yards from scrimmage in three consecutive games. If he’s not rushing for over 100 yards, he’s catching eight passes and compiling over 150 yards receiving. Bell has been a beast from the backfield, and he will continue to be so against the lowly Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have the worst pass defense in football allowing 287.8 yards per game, and are 21st in opposing rushing yards, averaging 122.9 opposing yards per game. These stats scream for Bell to have another great game, and if the Pittsburgh Steelers want to have a chance at making the playoffs, they’re going to need another huge game from Bell.

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