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BMF Gridiron: NFL Nike Super Bowl XLIX Collection

Nike celebrates the road to Super Bowl with the new NFL Nike Super Bowl XLIX Collection. As an official on-field uniform, sideline, baselayer and practice-wear supplier to the NFL, the collection mirrors the electric atmosphere of the championship game, drawing inspiration from the shifting expression of the Arizona sky.

When the two conference champions take the field on Feb. 1, both teams will wear the NFL Nike Elite 51 Uniform – a complete system of dress with Nike Pro Combat baselayer options working seamlessly with the jersey and pants. Nike athletes will wear the Nike Pro Combat Hypercool 3.0 – Super Bowl Edition, to stay dry and comfortable during the game.

Individual Nike-sponsored athletes from both teams will wear the Nike Vapor Untouchable cleat in their team color. The first Nike Flyknit football cleat made with recycled polyester yarn, the Nike Vapor Untouchable leverages the power of sustainable innovation and pushes the limits of speed and strength on the field. Each pair of Nike Vapor Untouchable cleats is knit with the equivalent of five recycled plastic bottles. The Nike Vapor Untouchable – Super Bowl Edition retail version of the cleat design features a crisp white Flyknit upper accented by platinum Nike Flywire cables, an iridescent NikeSkin overlay reminiscent of the aurora borealis for added strength, and a solar orange Swoosh.

Nike athletes will also wear the Nike Vapor Jet Knit Glove – Super Bowl Edition, built with one-piece knit construction and Magnigrip surface palm, allowing full freedom of movement while enhancing grip.

The NFL Nike Super Bowl XLIX Collection extends from on-field equipment to include sideline, training and lifestyle apparel and footwear. The Nike Alpha Fly Rush Jacket – Super Bowl Edition and Nike Tech Windrunner – Super Bowl Edition provide athletes with lightweight, unencumbered protection from the elements. A training shoe quintet — the Super Bowl Edition of the Nike Free Trainer 3.0, Nike Air Max Effort, Nike Fingertrap Max Trainer, Nike Lunar TR 1 and Nike Field General — reminds athletes that the road to the Super Bowl begins on the practice field.

In celebration of the game, the Nike NFL Limited Jersey – Super Bowl Edition, punctuated with an iridescent number 49, combines on-field innovation with premium style.


The NFL Nike Super Bowl XLIX Collection will be available on leading up to Super Bowl XLIX. The Nike Vapor Untouchable – Super Bowl Edition will be available on on Jan. 15. Additional team colors will be available in April.

Courtesy of Nike

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