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Reebok Debuts ‘The Blast’ and ‘The Question Mid’ in All-Star Pack

Allen Iverson and Nick Van Exel — two dynamic All-Star guards positioned with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1990s are now seeing their former signature shoes emerge again as part of Reebok Classic’s All-Star Pack.

See all the details of the Reebok Classic The Question Mid and the Reebok Classic The Blast All-Star Pack below, here at Baller Mind Frame.

For years, there was only one professional basketball team in NYC until only a couple of years ago, when fans were torn between the two boroughs. This year for All-Star weekend, fans will flock to both stadiums to witness the best players in the world.

Reebok Classic attracts all fans with the launching of The Blast and Question Mid, just in time for All-Star weekend. Taking inspiration from the uniforms, the Question Mid keeps it simple yet stylish with a classic black and white combo. The Blast is renewed with hits of red and blue and completed with an ice bottom.

Stand out this All-Star weekend and stop by Finish Line, Jimmy Jazz, Eastbay, DTLR, Villa, Shoe City and on February 13th to pick up your pair of Question Mid and The Blast. Available in adult and grade school 3.5-7 sizing.


Question Mid

Adults: $139.99

GS: $94.99

The Blast

Adults: $124.99

GS: $84.99

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