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BMF Style: Reebok Classic x Melody Ehsani ‘Snakeskin’ Pack

A new Reebok Classic x Melody Ehsani collab is dropping on February 13th, right, a day before Valentine’s Day. This time, the silhouettes that are getting the Ehsani treatment are the Reebok Blacktop Pump and Reebok Ventilator. The Blacktop Pump has a hidden interior wedge heel, which seems to be perfect for this Reebok Classic model; the heel doesn’t compromise the Pump’s look at all. Both pairs will have an all-over teal, black, and tan snakeskin print and a gum bottom. Both shoes feature the signature ‘eye’ lace locks and a handwritten message on the inner lining.

Says Reebok on the aesthetics and release of the latest Ehsani pack:

While the Ventilator remains true to its retro silhouette, the Blacktop Pump Wedge has been refitted to a woman’s mold and given a slight lift for a more flattering and feminine silhouette. Both pairs include a gum outsole for a pop of classic style. These kicks are available for pre-sale at Melody’s LA based store and on Friday, February 6th. They will launch at select global retailers, including VillaShoe and on Friday, February 13th.

See more of the entire collection below, courtesy of Reebok Classic.

IMG_4648 IMG_4563 IMG_4587 IMG_4597 IMG_4642 IMG_4332 IMG_4334 IMG_4338 IMG_4357 IMG_4362 IMG_4372 IMG_4375 IMG_4379 IMG_4382 IMG_4386 IMG_4407 IMG_4411 IMG_4429 IMG_4432 IMG_4439 IMG_4453 IMG_4308 IMG_3808 IMG_3907 IMG_4102 IMG_4113 IMG_4123 IMG_4132 IMG_4167 IMG_4220 IMG_4235 IMG_4239 IMG_3211 IMG_3229 IMG_3237 IMG_3246 IMG_3305 IMG_3406 IMG_3433 IMG_3448 IMG_3503 IMG_3570 IMG_3575 IMG_3612 IMG_3640 IMG_3731

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