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The NFLPA Wants to Ban the Combine Unless Training Costs are Covered

Image courtesy of NFL.

Image courtesy of NFL.

The annual circus that is the NFL Combine went off as usual this past weekend. Every team in the league had several representatives in Indianapolis to watch some of the best available players in the up-coming draft perform drills to show off their athletic talent.

While the combine has been the place where many NFL dreams are made, the NFLPA believes that more nightmares come in the form of flights and travel costs. They think they have a way to solves that problem. Cancel the combine all together.

Jason Cole with Bleacher Report broke the news that the NFLPA would like to ban not only the NFL combine, but all pro days too unless the NFL pays the costs for players to attended these events.

During Union and agent meetings this past weekend, discussions took place concerning the costs of these post-season events. The union has determined it costs each players between $20-30,000 for players to train and participate in the draft process. The agents, who normally are stuck with the bill are tired of paying for their clients.

For now, the talks are just that, talks.

With a new collective bargaining agreement on the horizon, it will be fun to see how this plays out.

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